At Least I Get The Car

The Hubby finally shared his schedule for next month, and it is pretty awful. The girls will have the house to ourselves for half of the month.

The days marked in orange are days he will spend out in the field.

The rest of the days he will be home. A lot of lonely days and nights are ahead of us.

He will also be gone from mid-October to Thanksgiving. Going home during this time seems tempting, but my family moved and there will probably be no room for me.

And what would we do with Bella? Oh, I miss you so, California. Don't forget me!


acceberrrr said…
will he be home full days on the days he'll be home? :(
Tiffany said…
California misses you too!
Spencer said…
your fam moved? to where?
Min said…
Becca: He'll still have his normal work schedule when he's home, but slightly more relaxed.

Spencer: They moved to Walnut!