Arrival of the Stinky Monster

On July 4th, we left our home early to make the long trip to Dallas to pick up Bella at the airport. We had to book her flight to arrive at such a far airport because Austin was too warm to fit under American Airlines' temperature requirements. Her flight wasn't supposed to arrive until 8:30pm so we decided to make a day of it by getting there at 3pm.

Dallas reminded us of Los Angeles so much and made us miss home.
We dropped by Robbins Brothers to get my ring cleaned. I have been glancing down at my ring ever since. The bathroom was adorable. The mirror said, "You look absolutely beautiful. Don't worry, this isn't a two-way mirror. We just know." The Hubby said that his bathroom had a long paragraph talking about climbing out of the vent to escape, but how that probably wasn't the best idea because you would only go back to flaky friends and eating junk food.
But then we got a call from The Hubby's mom and sister who were at LAX telling us that they would not let her on her flight. Apparently, they made a booking mistake. The cargo hold was to close three hours before Bella's flight was scheduled to arrive. Pissed is an understatement. After a teary call with the Dallas manager, it was decided that our only option was to book for the same flight, but for the next day. WHAT.A.MESS.

So we stayed overnight at a hotel without any bags or toiletries. We went to watch a fireworks show at the Lone Star Park.
Instead of paying $20 for admission, we decided to sit on a blanket on some grass in their parking lot....where I was attacked by red beetles everywhere.

I missed the sporadic illegal fireworks from California.
We were kicked out of the hotel at 1:30pm so we spent our day at the Museum of Nature and Science.
We learned about water and ice.
The U.S. is wasteful in everything.
Grey wolves are so pretty.
We took some spastic pictures of our shadows.
And then we got texts and calls to confirm that Bella was on her way! Thanks Debbie and Becky for transporting Bella not once, but twice!
We stalled the rest of our day by eating dinner, roaming Target and reading at Borders. And then it was finally time to pick up our dog. But of course they sent us to the wrong cargo hold. I shake my angry fist at you, American Airlines!!
And then she was pulled up. She looked so quiet and terrified. I jumped out of my seat and yelled, "Bella!" She didn't recognize us at first, but started barking her head off when she realized what was going on.
She was rolled over in her crate to our car. Her throat was hoarse from her constant barking.

The Saddest Sound from Min Schmidt on Vimeo.

I was really scared for her when I wanted to let her out, but saw that they had zip-tied her kennel together. Luckily, my strong husband ripped them off. And the silly girl went straight in the car!
It was a long and late three hour drive back. K.O.
Bella was too excited to sleep and would not settled down. The Hubby had to get up in three hours so we just let her sleep on the bed with us where she fell asleep quickly. In the morning, she watched her daddy get ready for work.
Happy family!