Attachment Issues

I always knew that Bella had a strange need to be next to me all the time. She won't leave the bedroom to go potty under The Hubby's orders unless I leave the room. Bella even follows me into the bathroom when I shower and sits on the bath mat until I come out.

Her issues seem to have escalated ever since I left her for three months and then put her on a scary plane while locked in a small cage.

I propped a camera in our dryer and videotaped what Bella does when I leave her by herself. I was only gone for a little over two minutes to get the mail. She looks and sounds so pathetic! I never want to leave this poor baby again.

This is why Bella sleeps in our room. We tried to lock her in the laundry room one night, but she ended up crying like this for an hour and a half.

Funny side note: I accidental dropped one of my pillows on top of Bella in the middle of the night and she bolted away. I barely saw her hind legs dart into the darkness. I felt terrible, but not enough to stop myself from chuckling.