Lookie What I Found

Sometimes, if you dig deep you can find some great deals at Big Lots such as a good quality dog bed for $20 instead of $40, tape runners for $1 instead of $4, or discount greeting cards.

My biggest find yet is this scrapbooking organizer. This was a steal even at the original price of $5 compared to a similar one sold on Amazon for $13.14. But wait! It was on clearance for only $1 each which is unbelievable. I don't know why it was on clearance, but I don't care.
There are three pockets on the left side for holding smaller embellishments.
The right side has a large expandable pocket that is large enough to hold full sheets of 12 x 12 paper.
I was able to go from all this...
...to this! So crisp and clean. I'm in love.
I put letters, numbers, and quotes in one organizer and other stickers and embellishments in another. I still have one organizer left and I think I will use it to store all of The Hubby's old pins, patches, coins, or diplomas.
I also found these Martha Stewart label sheets, tags, and stickers for only a dollar each. You know how I am a sucker for anything Martha.

Crafters, head to your nearest Big Lots today!


Rebecca said…
martha should pay you..