Sh*t My Dog Ruined

This window screen and blinds. After she made an escape from the bathroom through this window, she began to break into the house from the backyard through other windows when we left her alone outside.
This bear along with numerous stuffed animals.
Her legs and our bank accounts.
My grandmother's sewing supplies along with a canister of loose tea leaves. This or something similar is what I always came home to after a 10pm-3am shift at the restaurant.
My bedroom carpet along with my night's sleep. Notice the thrown up tea leaves and puddle of urine.
This picture.
Post inspired by Joana's a couple of days ago along with Shit My Pet Ruined blog.


Rebecca said…
that last picture still makes me lol every time hahaha
Anonymous said…
lol this and the "shit my pet ruined" blog made me feel ashamed for complaining about levi. he has done other bad undocumented things though, i swear!
Min said…
I believe you, Joana! That Levi looks like a troublemaker!
Spencer said…
my dog broke through the screen door too. gotta get one with the metal on the bottom half