Round and Round They Go

We were invited to watch dirt track racing and a demolition derby on Saturday night. It was quite the culture shock for a couple from Los Angeles. The race was a combination of thrill, fear and boredom.

It is a truly complex event as you are most excited when you see a car flip over at high speeds, but then you think, "Oh my! I do not want to see anyone die today!" And watching old beat up cars go round and round a small dirt track is only interesting for the first few minutes.
Eventually, though, you get over the smell of beer, gasoline, and cigarette smoke. This event wasn't exactly something to scrapbook, but I took the following picture for a specific reason. Can you spot it?
Apparently, it is normal to walk around shirtless in public. You have to display your many tattoos somehow.
We left before the "demolition" part of the night, but we saw plenty of car doors, tires, and bumpers fly off cars in the 2.5 hours we stayed. At least we can say that we tried it once and never have to experience it again.

Oh, Texas. How we love you so.


Rebecca said…
i thought it was the tie dye man hahaha