I'm not sure what I did to deserve such amazing friends.

The other night, I heard my doorbell ring and I ignored it because I never answer my door and Bella's strong bark typically scares the solicitor away. It turns out that it was the UPS man delivering a Valentine's gift from my friend Rebecca! She figured that I needed a little pick-me-up from The Hubby's deployment. 

Rebecca sent me a recipe book that I have been eying for years, Hello, Cupcake! Now, I just need an excuse to make cupcakes. Or rather I need people to eat them for me because I am on a diet--after this last cookie..nom nom nom...

I am most excited to try to make these penguin cupcakes. Adorable, no? 

And of course I will have to make some pup cakes. Maybe I will throw Bella a 5th birthday party at the end of the year. 

I also received this pretty ring in the mail from Val in the same week. I have freakishly thin fingers so I have to wear it on my right thumb, but I want to wear it every single day. It makes every task a little more fun.

P.S. I bought near 1/2 yard of this blue Japanese print fabric from the clearance bin at Hancock Fabrics for only $0.85!

Thanks Rebecca and Val! You've made this week so much easier to get through.


J.Su said…
You should have a PO Box so your readers can send you stuff without ever finding out where you live hahaha :D