Clean and Huggable Pooch

Hi all! Bella here again. Mommy gave me what she said was a much needed bath yesterday. I had finally built up a wonderful stench. How dare she!

She made me get into a glass cage with her and turned on the water. I had no place to run so I just crammed myself in a corner where the water couldn't reach me. Or so I thought. Mom still poured water all over me and lathered me up with some very tasty soap.

Mom said that I looked absolutely pathetic. She also told me that if she were a dog she would love baths because it's like a nice long massage. What does she know about being a dog, anyway?

I was not amused. She took a lot of after shots of me with my wet fur. I tried to snarl to tell her to stop, but she continued anyway. I didn't want any evidence of me before my usual blow dry.

So I rebelled by eating my paw.

Daddy gives me much better baths. He's much quicker at it and at least he leaves the warm water running so I never get cold. Come back soon, please!


chris chang said…
should i call PETA????