State of the House

Source via Pinterest

My house is a disaster zone. Like seriously embarrassing. I'm posting pictures of it because it is proof that The Hubby makes me a better person in regards to cleanliness and other aspects of life. He hates clutter. I hate it, too, but my utter laziness always wins out.

Here is our living room where I spend the majority of my day.  Shoes on the ground, variety of snacks on the coffee table, clothes on the chair, and fur all over the floor.

I have taken over The Hubby's desk with my sewing machine and various supplies. 

And since that desk is so tiny, I also took over our dining table with fabrics and bags from my many shopping trips. Bella's toys are also strewn all over the floor. Pretend you didn't see the Double Stuff Oreos. The Hubby bought them before he left and I'm just finishing them for him, okay?

The kitchen is no exception. My sink is filled with dirty dishes, I use the island as a ironing board because we don't have one, and there is barely any counter space remaining.

I destroyed the house between Wednesday afternoon and this morning. It was actually in impeccable condition just a few days ago because our landlord wanted to do a walk through.

I hope to get my craft room set up by the end of next month so that most of the mess can at least be contained behind closed doors.

Does anyone want to offer to clean my house for me?