Sweet Sewing Success!

My new friend Ken has been very busy this week. He and I have made three sewing projects and here are the results! I'm pretty proud of myself since any knowledge I have of sewing machines comes from a ten minute session with my non-English speaking grandmother and the internet.

At one point I was so frustrated with Ken that I almost gave up my new hobby altogether. I broke a needle and felt a piece of it hit my face when it snapped, tangled up the bobbin thread, and did not have the right supplies. But in the end, it all worked out and I'm so excited to work on my next planned projects.

Project 1: I found these pretty placemats from Target and saw that they were about the same width and length as Ken. I decided to sew them together at the top and leave an opening for the handle.

I also attached some leftover ribbon from our wedding on the sides so that I could secure the cover with a pretty brown bow.

And best of all, the placemats were on clearance so the total cost of the project was only around four bucks. Also, it required no cutting and little measuring so it was super easy.

Project 2: Bella spends a lot of time in the car and the result is a backseat full of fur. We sometimes try to put a sheet or blanket in the back to protect the upholstery, but it usually ends up all crumpled up and useless. 

Instead of springing for a car seat cover for $40,  I made one out of an old sheet. I made straps out of fabric from a matching pillow case to loop around the head rests so that the sheet won't slip down. The cover also protects the back of the front seats and the ground.

The straps have velcro at one end so that I can remove the cover easily in case I have more than one human passenger in our car.

Project 3: I also created a little pet pouch to attach to Bella's collar while we go on walks. It is just enough room to hold a small plastic bag in case she does her business on someone's lawn. Although it serves its function, I think if I made another one I would make it a little larger. (Tutorial here)

I'm going to try to take Bella on more walks. It looked beautiful outside this morning with the sun shining brightly, but I mistakingly interpreted the sun for warmth. By the time we got back inside the house, my ears were burning and my fingers turned a purplish red. But at least Bella seemed happy.

I'm glad I have a new hobby to keep me busy, and it looks like it is something that I want to stick with. I was scared that I would be absolutely horrible at it after the curtain fiasco. Next week, I hope to make a camera case and a potholder.


Min, thank you so much for your recent comments on my blog. I'm sorry that you are on your own for a while--you must be missing your husband terribly. I'm glad you have both Belle AND Ken, though! Your projects look terrific and will definitely help pass the time.

I have so much sewing paraphernalia. Let me know if there's something in particular you need--I'd be happy to pass some things along to you!
Jennifer said…
Hi Min! I'm a huge fan of your wedding on a budget article! I am in love with your ceremony and reception decorations! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! If you have a moment I would love to know your secrets on the beautiful rose/orchid branch table decorations. I am hoping you have advice on how to DIY. From one bride to the next XOXO facebook: jenrothsdsu@gmail.com :)