This Week...

I finished a couple of sewing projects. 

I finally used my free fabric from Prudent Baby to make a camera case. I was saving the fabric for something special, and since I carry my camera with me everywhere I thought it was a project worthy of pretty fabric. I used this tutorial, but used extra cotton batting and a velcro enclosure rather than a button. 

I also made a simple black one for The Hubby because we didn't have time to go out and buy one for him. I made this black one first which explains why it's not as well made as mine. And of course Bella has already marked it with her fur.

I also made a potholder following this tutorial. I used fabric from dish towels that were on clearance from Target. It was a fun project, but very time consuming and I think I should have just purchased a pre-made potholder instead.

Bella had a playdate.

Penny came over again. Bella only picks up the ball if Penny doesn't get to it first, which is extremely rare. Otherwise, she shows absolutely no interest in playing.

Penny has really grown since we last saw her in November. The two of them are nearly the same size now, but of course Bella has a little more pudge.

I received lovely roses from The Hubby.

My flowers actually didn't arrive until the day after Valentine's Day because UPS messed up on the shipping. I only knew to expect them because The Hubby, who has never been good with surprises, ordered them on my laptop and forgot to erase the browser history. I was going to humor him and act surprised, but then he also left a popup ad for FTD on the screen and I just had to tease him.


Bella doesn't have ANY pudge! She's one of the skinniest labs ever!
Min said…
Mimi, Bella lost 30 lbs in about a year after we put her on a diet. The vet had compared her to a 200 lbs. woman! I'm sure she misses all the treats my husband used to give her.