Well, That Was Nice While It Lasted

The bugs are back. The weather has been warmer, and along with the resilient weeds growing back in our otherwise dead yard, the creepy crawlies and freaky flyers are back.

They have been relatively small so far, and I have not yet seen the gargantuan intruders last summer yet.  But anytime I feel an itch on my arm, I fear to look down because it may very well be a spider like my last encounter. I do not look forward to the days when anytime I open the back door for Bella I have to be armed with a can of insect poison to survive beastly attacks. And I no longer have The Hubby's combat boots to squish the suckers DEAD.

It took half of a can of poison to take this sucker down.

At least I can be thankful that I will never see a Camel Spider, which resides in Iraq. Good luck, Hubby!

Source: bluecricketdesign.net via Min on Pinterest

But spiders, other buggies and weeds aren't the only things reappearing along with the warm sun. When we first moved in I was surprised at just how many people would knock on my door. No, I do not want your gardening service or a different alarm system. 

I had two different people ring our doorbell a couple of days ago. Bella's strong bark typically is enough to send them running, but one man actually looked into our window and continued to watch Bella bark at him for a few minutes. Rude! Luckily, our windows are reflective so you can't really see inside, but I should really put some curtains up in that room. Another sewing project for Ken, perhaps?

I'm conflicted on trying to figure out whether or not I should answer the door. I have a hard time saying no to anyone, but I don't want them to think that no one is home either. For now, I'll just make sure to keep all the doors and windows locked, the alarm system on, and continue to praise Bella for her protective nature.

Good girl, Bell. Good girl.

Just loungin', like always.


chris chang said…
god why can't i be married (happily) with a dog? or maybe just a proud dog owner. i dont want to be married yet.
Min said…
I love my (happy) marriage. I love my dog. Highly recommended.