Waiting Minzilla

Overheard in Iraq: "It's only been a week? That's it?! It feels like a month!"-The Hubby last week

Taken about fifteen minutes before he left on the bus. Doesn't he look happy?

I have been having trouble with this post. It's been over two weeks since The Hubby left for Iraq so I suppose it's about time I talked about it. You can find full details of my husband's deployment on my other blog, Waiting Minzilla.

I've decided to create two separate blogs simply because I like to keep things light on Married Minzilla, and I try to keep my bitching and moaning to a minimum. But on Waiting Minzilla, I'm going to be less censored with my ramblings. I haven't found my "groove" yet there, but I'm sure that it will develop as I grow over the year.

There's a lot of cursing. I feel like I have to warn my audience of this because if you know me personally, I rarely cuss in public. But privately in my own home, car, or thoughts I have a nasty mouth. It stems from growing up with my sister and being completely infiltrated into Army culture.

My first few entries there are admittedly depressing, but I hope that they will grow to be more lighthearted. I suggest you start at the first entry and go on from there. Yes, that seems obvious, but I do a short introduction and it will explain even more so why I am sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with the world.

I hope you follow both of my blogs, but I won't be offended if you don't. I don't plan on advertising Waiting Minzilla again so if you ever need a link for it you can go back to this post and find it or you can click on my complete profile under my "About Me" section and find it there.



chris chang said…
i feel betrayed or stupid that i never knew you had another blog! yessssssssss more reading fo meeeeee
Min said…
Haha Chris! In your defense, I didn't have any posts up until just yesterday so you weren't missing anything.