Let's Make: Apple Pie Puffs!

I had planned to make another flat apple pie for The Hubby and I before he left, but we ran out of late night cravings. So when a friend of mine came over for lunch, I jumped on the chance to make some yummy dessert for us. I had a package of puff pastry sheets sitting in our freezer so I decided to use that instead of pie crust. 

I ended up adapting Pioneer Woman's pie filling and just winged the whole puff pastry part of it. It turned out really amazing and it is definitely something that I will be making again and again. These apple pie puffs are not only easy to prepare, but also incredibly easy to serve. Eat it right out of the oven and pair it with ice cream or whipped cream.

I wonder if anyone has tried one of my recipes before. I know that I use my own blog as a resource when I'm cooking, which may explain why my laptop has chocolate stains on the screen. Not really, but it could very well be true.


puff and pie said…
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