Grounds for Divorce 3

Bad screen capture. I promise we were actually happy to be speaking to each other.

The Hubby and I finally had our first Skype session today. It's amazing how we are still able to communicate even though he is in the middle of nowhere. 

We had already said our goodbyes and he thought he had ended the call, but actually he just closed the screen so I could still see and hear him. This is the conversation that followed:

The Hubby (to his roommate): My wife wants to go home in fudging May and in fudging July. Fudge!
Me (while stifling my giggles): Uh, you know you can hear me, right?
The Hubby: Oh, shoot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Me: Yeah, you're in trouble mister. HAHAHAHAHAHA
The Hubby (to his roommate): I didn't end the call! I just closed the window!
Me: I should have let you keep going! I shouldn't have told you! HAHAHAHAHA
Me (while laughing): Okay, honey. I love you. Be safe.
The Hubby: I love you, too. Bye!

He's lucky I'm understanding, and probably even luckier that I told him I could still hear him before he went on. Best wife ever for not being upset at all? I think so!

*"Fudge" and "shoot" were not The Hubby's chosen words. I can understand why he was upset because it costs a fortune to fly home and deal with Bella.


Spencer said…
lol you werent kidding when you said he was bad with tech!
chris chang said…
are you coming back to california???