Single Child Syndrome

The weather here is suddenly beautiful. Texas' Mother Nature has severe PMS, but I welcome the warm change. It can be 20 degrees one day and 70 the next and I finally no longer need to wear four layers of clothing every day. 

This past Sunday, I was feeling a bit spontaneous so I drove Bella to Georgetown's Bark Park. It was about a fifty minute drive so I was really hoping that Bella would enjoy herself. The dog park is pretty lonely when you go with just you and your dog. Most folks came with their significant other or their kids so I stood awkwardly with my arms crossed most of the time.

The Bark Park is a really nice place for canine lovers to socialize their pups. It's a large and completely fenced area with plenty of shade and benches for the humans. There were dogs of all shapes and sizes. I especially liked this spunky Corgi.

A couple brought their three Great Danes. Bella is behind this massive horse, but you can only see her legs.

I'm not sure why, but Bella suddenly started growling at this dog and in this picture below you can see the beginnings of her baring her teeth. It was really embarrassing to see Bella misbehaving and this incident occurred about five minutes in. Luckily, everyone seemed to be okay with tiffs between dogs. You can't expect every dog to get along, right?

Bella was really silly and she was more interested in the trees and rocks than the dogs. She would run off on her own and was a loner for most of the time. I'm glad that everything was fenced in or else I would have had to chase after her.

Just like the dog beach, she prefers to just watch than join in on the fun. We probably should have made more of an effort to socialize her when she was younger.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be willing to take Bella over again because the drive is so long and is practically in Austin. I wish they had more dog parks closer to us, especially since so many military families own dogs. Oh well, Bella seems to prefer sleep anyway.


Joana said…
you and brandon need to buy a piece of land and open a dog park! lol
Cabana sometimes acts a bit stand-off-ish when I take her to a new place, but she loves to play with other dogs in familiar places. I'd try taking Bella another few times and see if she warms up a bit. I think it's fine that Bella growled at that huge dog. She probably felt cowed by such a large dog and was saying she wanted some space.
Min said…
Thanks, Mimi! I'll take her out a few more times and hopefully I can get someone else to go with me. I think she'll be more comfortable when I'm more comfortable, too.