Animal Cruelty

As administrator of this blog, I have deemed it BELLA WEEK! So don't drop by for the next six days if you're some sicko who doesn't like looking at pictures or video of my daughter.

The things we do for our own personal enjoyment...

Debbie tried to get Bella to go into the ocean. Notice the drag marks.

Paws dipped in food coloring for my birthday card.

Dressed in human clothing.

Spider on her back! Ack!

Party cap for her first birthday.

Decorated cone of shame after her first surgery.

Wearing my old Girl Scouts uniform.

Being carried into the ocean.

Scraps of fabric tied to her tail while she was sleeping.
Missing from this list is when I painted her forehead with blue food coloring. This was when "Avatar" came out.

Please don't take her away. I'm sure she's very happy here with us.


Spencer said…
huh? no ones actually trying to take her away right?

p.s. please find the avatar photos
Hailey said…
Hey Min, I haven't hit up your blog in a while-- adorable Bella pictures, she looks like one very happy pup!