Brain Dump

  • I went to the dentist today for the first time in close to two years. No new cavities, but it turns out that all of my silver fillings need to be replaced---which is like every single tooth. Who knew that the cavities I had in the third grade would come back and haunt me again? Brush your teeth and floss, kids!
  • I had no tooth pain while I was at the dentist until right now. One of my lower left teeth is throbbing. It's reminiscent of when I banged my face against a metal bar.
  • I saw a Guppy's Coffee in one of the malls here. Gave me flashbacks of my waitressing days. I definitely have a form of PTSD from that experience-->
  • The Hubby's company will be on the first flight home from NTC as a reward for kicking major booty. Unfortunately, I still don't have a specific time as to when I can pick him up. It can range from anywhere between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I'm just hoping not 3am or something ridiculous like that.
  • Penny is here for her weekly sleepover. She loves being outdoors, but Bella does not. I am keeping a tally of how many times I have to let them in and out to the backyard. The count is up to three, and she's only been here for about 45 minutes. I asked her owner to bring a bone for her to chew on so that she can stay occupied outside instead of digging up our flower bed. Poor Bella is definitely feeling jealous and now she suddenly wants to be outside, too.
  • I got extremely lost Saturday night in the suburbs of Killeen. I had got off on the wrong ramp and the GPS decided that the quickest route back home was to go through some dark residential areas. I'm not sure why, but Texas has something against street lights. The GPS kept directing me to a closed road and would not recalculate any other way. It was a disaster. I had absolutely no idea which direction I was facing or even what part of town I was in. Eventually, I saw another car bypass the large "road closed" sign and so I followed. Turns out it was some unlit gravel path and it was the scariest one mile I had ever driven. All I could think of was that if I had a flat tire no one would ever find me, which actually isn't true, but it sure had my heart racing. I think Bella could sense my anxiety because she was extremely alert instead of sleeping in the backseat like she normally does. I definitely will not be doing that again.
  • It reminded me of this "Office" scene where Michael drove into a lake because the GPS told him to.