Back in California...

It's so cold here. Alright, it's not actually that cold, but it's just been so long since I have experienced anything lower than eighty degrees that I feel so lucky to be able to cuddle up to Bella when she lets me. When I'm trying to fall asleep, I curl up in the smallest ball possible and rub my feet together so rapidly that it's as if I'm trying to start a fire.

I realized something about myself since moving away from CA: I am a spoiled Californian who is incapable of adapting to anywhere that has humidity, tornado warnings, or freeze alerts. Yes, there's a freeze alert in effect for tomorrow morning.

It would be appropriate to label me as "The Girl Who Keeps Talking About California".

When I tell somebody about the huge spiders or wasp nests that I've encountered here, I'll add in: "Well, back in California we only worried about daddy long legs or regular bumble bees." There were no poisonous wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, or scorpions in your house.

Back in California, people start wearing their wool pea coats and scarves when it gets in the mid-70s. It's supposed to be in the 40s in the winter! Absurd!

Back in California, Macy's was at every mall instead of forty minutes away. Targets and Michael's line the roads. Starbucks is on every corner. Sephora was not more than an hour away.

Back in California, there are actual stop signs instead of yield signs that no one follows. Drivers drove at least the speed limit and the one-way street is rare. Highways are wider than two to three lanes. There are four different airports all within 40 minutes of home.

Back in California, there are dim sum restaurants, Molca Salsas, 99 Ranch Markets, and good affordable sushi. Having a BJ's restaurant around was not a big deal. And where can I get a decent burger around here?

Back in California, there is Disneyland.

Back in California are my friends and family members. I can go through a day without being reminded that we are an Army household. Bella can run free in the backyard without me being worried of her rolling in a fire ant hill.

I never had so much pride of being a Californian until moving away. Home will always be better because it is home.

I can hardly wait for December.


Rebecca said…
excited for you to visit!