I'm not sure how I discovered Kurt Halsey's artwork back in middle school. I just remember showing his sketches and paintings to my best friend, Tiffany, and we bonded even further over our mutual love.

Big trees: Maybe we'll make it to 60 years.

I mentioned to her that I really wanted to purchase his 36-page mini book, but she has been my friend long enough to know that I would never "splurge" on something like that. So, naturally, she bought it for me!

The book includes work about love.

I plan on making copies of the pages and using them as artwork for our house as we are seriously lacking in that department. The fact that The Hubby also likes Halsey's art is a plus. And how fitting is this page below for our constant long distance relationship?

Kurt even signed it and included a hand-written post-it note! The Hubby and I used to send little love notes to each other using post-its so this has special meaning to us.

This is just something I stitched on my laptop bag a long time ago.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful "just because" gift, Tiffany! You truly are an amazing friend.