Florida Day 8: Goodbyes, Bruises and Another Trip to the ER

Day 8-Saturday 10/16

Our last day together started with a pancake breakfast. The Hubby and I had a flight later in the afternoon, which we were thankful for because then we could take our time to make the two hour drive to the airport. Major props to Pop who drove all over Florida for us. 

We stopped off at a rest stop along Alligator Alley, the long road you take to get across the state, to use the restrooms. I laughed really hard when I came out of the ladies' room because I found Pop taking pictures of The Hubby...until I got dragged into it, too.

Nana and Pop dropped us off at our terminal with plenty of hugs and some tears from Nana. The Hubby and I encountered many rude people at the airport. 

For the first time, I was randomly chosen to do a full body scan. I never thought much of it when I saw it being introduced on the news, but I truly felt violated when it was my turn. This kind of technology is supposed to mean that security no longer has to pat you down, but they did anyway. 

We were happy to arrive in Austin because that meant in 1.5 hrs, we could finally be reunited with Bella. After grabbing our luggage, we jumped on a shuttle bus to the long term parking lot. I sat in between the luggage rack and The Hubby.

The driver was chatting with the other passengers about the big Texas football game while we checked The Hubby's phone for text messages. And then all of a sudden we heard a loud screech and the honking of the horn.

I turned around to see out the window then BOOM! All of a sudden, I felt The Hubby's arms around me as he picked me up and he was urgently asking, "Baby! Baby! Are you okay? Baby!" I was speechless and stunned. The Hubby claims that I looked like this (we can laugh about this now):

My head was throbbing and when I finally realized what had happened, I muttered that I was fine. Everyone was staring at me and out of either embarrassment or pain, I started to cry. Like a five year old who just tripped over her own foot or something. I will never survive giving labor. 

The driver stopped the bus and called in for a supervisor to meet us at the parking lot. Apparently someone had cut off our bus and he had to slam on the brakes. When this happened, I flew to the side and hit my head, arm, and leg on the metal luggage rack. It didn't help that I was sitting with my legs crossed so I couldn't brace myself. 

I drew this to help you visualize what the heck I'm talking about. Please don't judge me by my doodle:

And since this recap is already far too long, I'll cut it short. We went to the ER on post the next day and the doctor said that I was fine, but only after he asked if I "felt safe at home." I survived the next few days by popping Aleve like jelly beans. For the next week, The Hubby couldn't touch the left side of my body because of my bruising. And, from now on, we will never sit next to the luggage rack and both my feet will always be planted firmly on the floor while on a bus. 

Despite this little mishap, it was so nice to settle in at home with my family.

This concludes my Florida recaps. Phew! Thanks for sticking it through. And another BIG thank you to Nana and Pop for spoiling us rotten for a week. We can't wait for our own kids to be loved to bits by their great-grandparents...five to six years from now that is. 

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Spencer said…
your drawing doesnt help visualize at all hahaha :P
Min said…
It totally does! In my mind....

And I definitely thought you would comment on The Hubby's picture.