Stuffed (Us, Not the Turkey)

Has anyone seen the new TBS commercial for "Wizard of Oz"? They play a rap song that is really unusual for such a film. The Hubby just overheard it on TV, came out of his workout room and said in an excited voice, "Power Rangers?!"---I don't know...

I asked The Hubby whether or not he has ever not had a real Thanksgiving meal. He said no, and it made me feel incredibly guilty for not providing a traditional turkey dinner for him. We still did not want to go through the trouble of cooking a whole bird so we ran to the grocery store at 9pm on Wednesday night. 

It was really crowded with last minute shoppers. We grabbed a fully cooked turkey breast, mashed potatoes in a box, apple cider mix, cranberry sauce, and tamales. The Hubby wanted me to take a picture of everything still in its packaging because it looked so pathetic.

There was a surprising amount of turkeys and hams left, probably due to us living near a military post. My sister told me that she went on Tuesday to find a turkey and they were completely out. I was thoroughly grossed out when I saw turduken for sale in a box.

Our turkey breast took an hour to heat up in the oven and was already seasoned. We still have at least a pound of meat left in the fridge.

The Hubby did the honor of cutting the turkey...with a cake knife because that's all that we had. He cut up really large steak-like slices.

And here is our Thanksgiving plate with a glass of wine. If you look carefully, you can see Bella from underneath the glass table top.

I tried to take a picture of us through our camera's timer, but The Hubby moved at the last second and ruined  it.

Bella tried to nudge her way through to a bite of my tamale, which she later ate as The Hubby was scraping my plate into the trash can. She grabbed the sucker as it was dropping into the garbage and The Hubby just watched in shock. Can you see how thick my turkey piece was?

I barely dented my plate. I ate the rest of it for brunch today. By the way, we do not have a microwave so I had to reheat it in a skillet.

We made a dozen sugar cookies for dessert. Guess how many cookies we have left?

Oh, Bella. Thank you for warming my feet for me. The temperature dropped thirty degrees in one day and is thoroughly unpleasant. We may pick up some firewood for our fireplace later today.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Spencer said…
nice! gotta start somewhere :D and dude i dont even think steaks are usually that thick lol