Drowned in Chocolate

I was planning on doing multiple posts on the bake sale fundraiser we had last Friday, but I really didn't take that many pictures and it wasn't anything worth multiple posts. 

This is the sign I made to place in front of our table set up at the bank on post. I ditched my other flyers because I could not manage to draw a brownie that didn't look troubled. 

And, of course, Bella came to sniff the sign. I shouldn't have used my scented markers because she just had to take a lick.

I literally spent at least seven hours baking and packaging my contribution to the bake sale. Both Penny and Bella were bored out of their minds. 

I decided to make classic chocolate whoopie pies and Oreo truffles. The whoopie pies took a lot of effort and were, quite frankly, a pain in my ass.

chocolate whoopie pie ingredients
Marhmallow fluff is the stickiest and messiest ingredient you can ever work with. Never again!

marshmallow filling ingredients

As you can see, they are not the perfect sandwiches they advertised in the pictures next to the recipe. But at least they were delicious. I took a mandatory taste test. It was my obligation to sell only the yummiest baked goods, you see. 

The Oreo truffles were spectacularly messy. It's a fairly simple process in theory, but they're actually immensely troublesome. Crush up a package of Oreo cookies in a food processor (thank goodness for our Ninja) and combine with an 8oz package of cream cheese. Form the mixture into little balls. Dip in melted chocolate, place on parchment paper, and refrigerate.

Here are some helpful hints they don't tell you, but I learned the hard way. Refrigerate the balls for at least 30 minutes before covering in chocolate or else they will fall apart in your melted chocolate. Do not burn your chocolate or else you'll end up with clumpy messes--which may be a fortunate accident because the rejects can just end up in your stomach. Use two forks to roll around the truffles to cover them evenly with chocolate.

My favorite part of all this was packaging the treats. I wanted to do something clever and attractive, but I didn't want to spend any money on treat bags as I had already spent money buying ingredients.

I also knew I wanted tags stating what everything was because as a consumer, I like to know what I'm buying. I designed some labels using PowerPoint and used my Fiskars round punch to cut them out.

I grabbed some pretty Martha Stewart paint chips from Home Depot. They were free so I took a little too many. This is only about half of my stash. I have issues.

I then cut them to a width that was a tad thinner than the circle tags. I made two snips at the bottom to make it appear like a ribbon.

I then stapled the tags onto the Ziploc baggies I used to hold the treats. I folded the top over to make the bag appear smaller and the treats seem larger. Oh, the trickery!

The Oreo truffles would have been really plain, but I used some leftover fall colored M&Ms Nana had sent us home with from Florida to dress them up.

This is the messy aftermath. The picture below is actually only of the second load of dishes I had to wash. There was chocolate everywhere, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

The bake sale ran from 10:30am-5:15pm and we only made $156. Very few people bought anything. The only reason we even had a profit was because some kind people made random donations. I think only two bags of my whoopie pies were sold, but at least my Oreo truffles sold out and some were asking for more. Small victory.

Suddenly, everyone in Texas decided to be health conscious. They would point to their stomachs and say, "Oh, I shouldn't." It didn't help that the bank was handing out free popcorn, soda, and candy to customers. How can you compete with free?

We ended up with about 75% of the baked goods still unsold. Below is what I took home for myself.