Too Old for a Puppy

I have been dogsitting Penny once a week as a favor to her owners. Penny's mom goes to grad school and typically spends a night over at the school as it is a far drive. Her dad is out at NTC with The Hubby. Bella and Penny get along pretty great, although they do get into some tiffs. Since Bella has at least thirty pounds on her, Penny tends to back down quickly.

Bella typically sleeps most of the time as usual, but she is definitely more playful with Penny around. She'll pick up toys she normally would leave alone just because Penny wants them. Typical children. They like to sleep on each other's beds too. The grass is always greener...

Penny is rarely asleep. She always wants to play and she will whine until I let her outside. She loves love loves being outdoors, but Bella does not. When Penny is at our house, the back door opens and closes every fifteen minutes or so during the day. I would leave her out there, but she has the tendency to chew on random objects or dig.

When it was bedtime, Penny didn't want to sleep. Instead, she was itching to get out. I have never been so thankful for Bella's willingness to sleep all day and through the night. I am not used to Penny's puppy energy.

The two of them typically only play outside, but they decided to do it in the bedroom while I was trying to fall asleep. As you see, our bedroom is seriously lacking furniture and style.

I've blogged before on how when Bella wants to wake up she wants me to wake up, too. Well, that is even more of the case with Penny. As soon as she makes eye contact, she'll whine and circle the bed. And since I've been sleeping right in the middle with The Hubby gone, she realized that I wasn't within her reach from the sides. But smart Penny would then go to the foot of the bed, stick her nose under the covers, and smell my feet with her cold nose.

I tried to get both girls on my bed so that I could sleep in for an extra hour or so as that usually works with Bella, but they were more interested in sniffing each other than anything else. Penny also liked to sleep right next to my head where the pillows are and attack my face.

But eventually they settled down and I was sandwiched right in between them.

I know it isn't classy to have a picture of crap on my blog, but this is what I found in my bathroom when I came in after I closed up the house before bed. I stopped in my tracks when I came across this and yelled, "Whose poop is this?!"---a sentence I never thought I would ever say. 

I'm fairly sure that it wasn't Bella for three reasons:
1. Bella was peeking at me while I was unplugging everything in the living room, grabbing her bed, and turning on the alarm. Penny, who normally follows me around everywhere was missing.
2. Bella's poop is always full of fur because she bites herself so much and eats some of it.
3. As an almost 70-lb. dog, she does not make small poopies like this.

The Hubby and I were discussing getting another dog to keep Bella company, but after watching Penny I've realized that I have no patience for a puppy. Does this mean I will have no patience for a baby either?