Bella's Ghetto Toy

Bella is losing an interest in playing with any of her toys as she grows older. She has six toys in the household, and the only thing that can get her attention is food. I wanted to buy a treat dispensing toy for her to break up the monotony of her days, but I didn't want to pay the $15.

Instead, I decided to cut a hole in one of her old toys and hide some kibble in it. In the beginning, she took a long time to get the food out, but with practice she can get each piece out quickly. The first video was taken the second time she was exposed to this treat Santa. Bella tries to bite through the toy in order to get the kibble.

This next video is how she gets the kibble out now. As you can see, she rolls the toy around with her nose and walks around the house instead of just staying on her bed. I am amazed at how quickly she adapted and learned. I knew she was smart! She's just stubborn and refuses to listen!

The other bonus of this new system of feeding her is that it makes her slow down when she eats. Typically, she takes less than a minute to eat a cup of food. This way, she takes about fifteen minutes. I have been paranoid of her stomach turning ever since watching "Marley and Me".

Only downside: It is now even more impossible to keep our floors clean.