No Longer the Newbie

The Hubby was promoted from a second lieutenant to a first lieutenant today during a short ceremony on post. It was a last minute event--as in we didn't find out about it until this morning. We knew that a promotion was bound to happen this month, but with NTC and the holiday, it was difficult to fit in into the schedule. 

The Lieutenant Colonel conducted the ceremony. He's the guy who almost scared me to death when he called to tell me how spectacular The Hubby is doing.

The entire company was there to watch the four "butter bars" rise in the ranks. Another soldier's girlfriend and I were the only women around and we just stood awkwardly in the corner.

The company' executive officer read aloud the promotion orders.

It was then my turn to step up and pin on his new bar. The Lt. Col. said that it was tradition to punch it on him so I took it to heart, stepped back, and gave him a good one right in his chest. He had to stumble back in order to maintain his balance. There were a lot of giggles from the crowd. Wait, do soldiers giggle?

The Hubby was punched much harder by at least three others. I suppose he can be grateful that it is just a velcro pin instead of something with pointed edges. I will never understand Army traditions.

I was also given permission to give my husband a kiss, which is typically taboo whenever he is in uniform. This would explain why The Hubby gave me such a wimpy peck.

And a big round of applause to the new First Lieutenants!

Another part of the promotion ritual is to repeat their Oath of Office, something they once said during their West Point graduation May of last year.

Each man had a chance to say a few words to the audience. The Hubby thanked me at the end. I mean he kinda had to, didn't he?

Him after seeing this video: "Yeah. I'm a bitch."

Hahaha! Even the Lt. Col. was laughing in the back and you can hear the "aww"'s coming from the crowd.

Everyone took their turn in congratulating the four of them.

The company commander handed The Hubby a new pin for his beret. Can you see The Hubby's hat hair? Who thought that wool hats would be a good choice for hot afternoons?

The Hubby's soldiers lined up to shake his hand and give him a salute. I really enjoyed watching the interaction between him and his men. I could definitely see the admiration and respect they have for my husband. Sometimes, I am glad I do not work so that I am fortunate enough to be there for special moments like this.

We took one last hurried picture before I left him to go back to work. His new rank really stands out, doesn't it? I felt slightly overdressed for the ceremony, but promotions are few and far between so why not? 

His promotion means several things to us. Sure, the pay raise is nice (ah, sweet relief!), but it also represents a great more amount of respect. He is no longer the new kid on the block because the new rank also means more experience.

I could not be prouder and I am excited to stand by his side for many more promotions and ceremonies to come.


Shirley said…
Cograts Brandon! There will be many more to come.