Grounds for Divorce 2

The bank on post offers free popcorn and soda for customers every week. Organizations such as FRGs can sign up to volunteer to hand out these freebies, and in doing so are paid a hefty check of $150. I chose to do the first shift (0845-1145) and in order to get the car, I had to drop The Hubby off at work at 0530. It was miserable.

Believe it or not, I actually learned how to operate a machine similar to the one pictured to the left. The oil/seasoning/butter packet that I had to squeeze out was really disgusting, but it made the popcorn itself quite delicious.

The original plan was to pick him up for lunch after I had finished my duties, but he was overwhelmed with work and could not leave. I dropped off a small bag of popcorn and a can of Coke Zero, but I knew that would not be enough to fill him up so I decided to come back and surprise him with lunch.

I rushed to the commissary and bought him a six-inch turkey/swiss sandwich from the deli with all the works and drove back to his office. When I got there, The Hubby was sitting at his desk with a bunch of his soldiers and they seemed to be having a jolly old time.

This is the conversation that followed:

[Hubby sees me, looks surprised. I hold out his sandwich.]

Me: Here, I brought you lunch.
Him: I said I didn't want anything!
Me: I know you're starving.
Him: Thanks!

[He looks down at the sandwich.]

Him: I wanted f*cking ham!!
Me: (death stare)
Him: Just kidding! I love you!

[I walk away and regret not taking back the sandwich for myself as all I had for breakfast and lunch were two cookies and apple cider.]

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Anonymous said…
Our FRG had a pancake breakfast yesterday- it was a lot of work and we made $70. I wish we had a bank that paid us to hand out popcorn, that is awesome! It was very sweet of you to take Brandon lunch- he deserved a death stare lol.