My Body Hates Me

Hi all! Bella here. Mommy told me that I could write today's post since this is a week dedicated to me. You may wonder why I deserve so much attention, but just look at me! I'm adorable! Also, you should feel some sympathy towards me because I'm sick again. What else is new?

Mommy had me go on a car ride with her today. I thought we were finally going to go pick up Daddy because she was wearing a pretty dress, but she said that she was just out of clean clothes. Instead, she brought me to see a doctor! Such trickery!

Apparently, Mommy said it was time for us to get my skin checked out. I have lots of red itchy bumps all over my body and I'm not allowed to scratch or lick them. Do I have chicken pox? Also, a weird white film has developed in my left eye and it was worrying Mommy.

They weighed me and said that I am 68 pounds. I didn't appreciate how loudly they said that. Mommy and the nurse lifted me up onto the table. I'm afraid of heights so I was trying to get down as quickly as possible, but they held me down tight. And then it happened. They stuck something up my butt. I poop outta there! 

The doctor came in and shined a black light in my face. He also scraped some skin from my front leg with a razor and looked at it under a microscope. It hurt a lot! When they loosened their grip on me, I leaped off to escape! But Mommy caught me and I landed in her arms. She made a loud groan, but placed me down gently. 

I wanted to leave and I kept scratching at the door, yet I was just told to sit. Why won't anyone listen to me? I thought the worst of it was over, but they carried me back onto the table and started plucking hair from around my eyes. My heart was racing because I was so scared. Mommy tried to comfort me by stroking my fur and saying, "You're okay, Bell. Good girl." 

The doctor was so stumped and didn't know what else to do with me. He even mentioned that I might have OCD because I love to lick myself so much. I think he could tell how frustrated we were and gave us new shampoo and conditioner and even two bags of rabbit and potato dog food at no cost. He said that if none of this stuff works then we'll have to go to a skin specialist an hour away. But even if this dog food works, it costs $53.07 for only 16 lbs., which will probably only last two weeks!

I had my first taste of my new food today. Oh, I wish there was smell-o-vision! I think it smells fabulous, but Mommy gagged when she got a whiff of it. More for me! I don't have to share!

Back off! It's all mine!

Mommy has to give me baths with this new stuff two times a week for three weeks. She says that it's back breaking work, but at least Daddy will be home next week to help her.

Oh, and the thing with my left eye? Turns out I have corneal dystrophy. It seems like anything that can go wrong with me is, and I don't even turn four until next month! But luckily treatment is unnecessary and it really is unnoticeable.

The silver lining: I can get away with peeing inside the house this week and blame it on my steroid shot.

Bella out!


Rebecca said…
this post makes me sad.

ps. i just caught up on all your entries starting from oct 25....i wanted to comment on all of them but i'll save it for when i talk to you next. hope all is well :)