Army Crash Course

I have been meaning to do a quick lesson on the Army for quite some time now. These are just some of the very basics that I picked up. There is so much to learn, and I am sure I will still be learning up until the day The Hubby retires...twenty years from now. Gulp*

Study up on these flash cards so that you no longer have to smile and nod if I start using Army lingo on the blog or over the holidays when we're home.

Army officer ranks: It took me the longest time to remember the order of the ranks and the corresponding insignia. The Hubby is a second lieutenant (2LT) and has a long way to go. He will be promoted to 1LT sometime this month.

Simplified battalion structure: We do everything within the battalion. Battalion balls, battalion fundraisers, battalion wives coffees, battalion hail and farewells, etc. The Hubby is what you call a platoon leader so he is in charge of about 40 guys.

Leaders/commanders break down: We have the most contact with the company commander. We went to his house for the barbecue back in September. His wife is the Family Readiness Group leader. The Hubby is a platoon leader and his right hand man is his platoon sergeant.

Acronyms/phrases/words: Sometimes, I think the acronym takes more effort than the actual phrase it represents. Is "POV" really easier to say than "car"?

I forgot to include the following:

Dress blues- The uniform The Hubby got married in.

FRG- Family readiness groups are organized by companies. They meet once a month and attendance is mandatory by either the soldier or his wife. They often do fundraisers in order to organize cookouts, family events, or send packages overseas. The main purpose of the FRG is to be a support group for families while their soldiers are deployed and also to disseminate information. I am our FRG treasurer.

Hail and Farewell- Usually a mandatory dinner where the Battalion Commander introduces new members of the Battalion and say goodbye to those moving on. 

TRICARE- Our health insurance company.

Bella is studying hard. Are you?