Another Reason Why CA is Better

There was another spider killing in the Schmidt household today. This one was the largest spider I had ever encountered in my 22 years of life. That last spider I saw was nothing compared to this one. That last spider was about the size of this one's butt, if not smaller.

I lived in California for about 17 years and have never seen such mutant spiders. What is it about Texas?

The steps I took after spotting this spider by the back door where they all seem to reside:
  1. Screamed.
  2. Determined whether to kill it or trap it. I decided that trapping it would not be a viable option because The Hubby will not be coming home until Sunday.
  3. Grabbed my camera.
  4. Grabbed one of The Hubby's shoes. I used his because I needed a sturdy shoe, not because I didn't want any spider guts on mine. *cough*
  5. Screamed again because I had forgotten how large it was.
  6. Became thankful that it didn't seem to be moving. Bella was barking at me trying to get me to let her in and it did not seem to budge.
  7. Did a warrior cry and slammed the shoe down on the intruder.
  8. Congratulated myself for a job well done, but squirmed a little bit because I then saw a smaller spider move across the floor.
If that spider had moved even an inch, I would have packed my bags, grabbed Bella, and moved the heck out.

Do not scroll down unless you want to see this monster. It will haunt you in your dreams. And yet I can't seem to stop looking.

I thought that the spider was 1.5" long, but after measuring the lines, it was more like 0.75" long from head to pincher. Whatever. It was still humongous.


Rebecca said…
ew is that the head or the butt
Spencer said…
lol so when i first read this post i was in class so i couldnt watch the youtube video. i just clicked it, saw the title, and closed it.

now i was already laughing at how corny the video must have been with a clip of her doing that from an episode but now i just watched it and realized shes just doing in to the camera and im laughing at you even harder now ahahaha