Bella Bloopers

If Bella could have managed to hit the "delete" button on the camera, she would have erased all evidence of the following pictures:

So what if I'm carrying some extra holiday weight?
First you dip my pawsies in food coloring, and now you expect me to pose for a picture?
Yeah, I know I'm a sexy beast.
I vill suck out your blood!
Excuse me! I'm sleeping here!
I'm in Le Tigre mode. Rawr!
You could have told me I had a giant eye booger on my face.
I'm all exposed here!


acceberrrr said…
hahaha why do her eyes always do that in pictures???
Min said…
It's called tapetum lucidum, which allows animals to see in the night. It's why deers are blinded when they're caught in the headlights!

This is the only thing I remember from my Bio class...