Good Morning!

Many mornings I wake up to see the following:
It's slightly disturbing to see an animal staring at you. She just stares. It's creepy. Doesn't wag her tail or anything. She remains completely motionless.

Until I make a movement that is. Then she comes over and sniffs my face or my arm. So sometimes I pretend to still be sleeping in an effort to catch another ten minutes of rest, but she's too clever for that.

Bella doesn't appreciate me trying to pull a fast one on her. She gets more aggressive if I do that. She'll growl, nudge, lick, bark...

And when she gets like this, there is no choice but to take her out to do her business and then feed her kibble.

I think she is confused as to who the pack leader of the house is.


Spencer said…
dude i bet she is confused! i heard if you stare into a dogs eyes and it doesnt look away eventually it doesnt respect you as an alpha. so far its worked on my dog haha