The Dancing Asian Dude on "Glee"

One night The Hubby had to work late so he texted me to ask what I was doing. My response: "I'm watching 'Glee'. They're letting the Asian guy dance right now."

We always joke that they only bring out the talented Harry Shum on "Glee" for his dancing skills and he rarely gets any face time.

Hulu has a dancing series on their site called "LXD: League of Extraordinary Dancers". I'm not too big of a fan because I think most of the acting is awful and the plots are disastrous, but I did like Shum's episode.

I have also found myself scrolling back to 5:14 to hear this song play over and over again. Does anyone know which song this is? (Sorry you have to sit through an ad first)

Nobody said that love was easy
You gotta fight to keep it breezy

When we're together
There ain't nothin' better

Baby, won't you come take a chance with me?
Under the moonlight we can dance and sing


Tiffany said…
Ooo I wanted to watch that series!
Debbie said…
Mike Chaaaang. I love him.
Debbie said…
Apparently, all the LXD music were written specifically for the series, and an LXD soundtrack is coming out soon.
Shane said…
the artist is jack johnson but he doesnt have the song out on any of his albums id assume its like what debbie says.
Anonymous said…
the song is called "can't fight this feeling". Artist is Ben Burgess but he does sound a lot like Jack Johnson. You can find the song on youtube