That's What She Said

Aunt Shirley purchased a giant 24 inch rawhide bone for Bella. We were both so excited to see Bella go at it with gusto, as she typically does with anything edible. I had expected that I would have to pry it away from her, but I was sadly mistaken.

The bone is about the length of her body.
Bella, can you at least feign some interest? Yawning is just rude.
Don't be scared, Love. You should be overjoyed by this giant piece of food.
Yes! I got a sniff out of her!
I am so sorry Shirley that Bella is so ungrateful for such a great gift. We will probably cut it down later so that she will recognize it in the form that she is used to.

bella doesn't like the bone! i think it's too big and confuses her. it's 24 inches long
tasha: Ha ha ha. That's what she said
me: hahahaha