Family Day

The Hubby's schedule has been so strange and inconvenient lately. I never know when he will be home and I have to drop him off on post before the sun even rises. But this unpredictable schedule is actually much better than what I had expected. I didn't think that I would even see him from Friday morning until next Wednesday so having him come home unexpectedly is much better than not seeing him at all.

Families had the opportunity to meet up with their soldiers at the range to see what they actually did at work. The Hubby warned me that it would be smoldering hot and advised me not to attend, but I didn't want to miss out on the chance to shoot a M-4 or to get up close and personal with Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

But it was devastatingly hot. At least one hundred degrees hot.

The Hubby is in charge of four Bradleys and he and his men will be riding in these around Iraq. Little kids can barely stand straight up in these things so how do you think grown men with all of their gear feel?
They're large and intimidating and smell like gasoline.
They shoot out missiles and other things that I can't remember the proper names for.
We were both sweating uncontrollably and I felt so much sympathy for him. I barely lasted the two hours I was there, but he is out there all day under no shade and with no air conditioning.
This is the area that he sits in to tell his driver what to do. It was an incredibly cramped space with a lot of different knobs, buttons, and monitors. We didn't stay in there for very long because I felt claustrophobic and sick. I don't know how he does it.
The Hubby had to sleep in one of these things one night. There was also a bunch of trash in the forms of water bottles and soda cans. Another soldier passing by chuckled when I asked why there was so much garbage. The Hubby said that this was considered to be a clean one.

If you click the picture to enlarge, you can see just how sweaty and red I was, not that you want to.
I was able to climb on top of the Bradley with The Hubby's help. He made me put on the dirty helmet before taking my picture, and of course it didn't fit because my head is abnormally large. My sister would agree with this statement. It is why you don't see any cute pictures of me wearing one of The Hubby's caps or covers.
They provided us with water, hamburgers, hot dogs and chips for lunch. When we were looking for a place to sit down in the shade, someone said to The Hubby, "I wouldn't sit there, sir. They pee over there."

The shooting range they were trying to set up was not running properly so I went home instead of waiting for it to work. I was hoping to post some videos and pictures of me shooting a rifle at some balloons. It would have been quite a sight. Sorry I bailed!

Conversation we had about me shooting:
Me: Can you take a video of me shooting?
The Hubby: No, I don't want them to use it as evidence against us [in case you shoot someone].

Overall, it was a good experience despite the horrible heat. I was able to have a better understanding of what The Hubby does while he is away from home and I had the chance to meet some new people. Soldiers deserve more love. And a higher salary.

The Hubby's at work right now. He woke up at 0400 this morning. It's Sunday!


Shirley said…
Agreed on the higher salary statement!
Spencer said…
lol these entries are showing brandon as quite the comedian